Mandatory Information

If you are an inspector about to visit our school, for your convenience we have curated the following table of statutory requirements with easily accessible links to the pages where you can find the relevant Information.

The school’s contact details Contact Us Page
Admission arrangements Admissions Page
Ofsted inspection report Inspections Page
The school’s most recent KS2 results KS2 Results Page
Information on how to access DfE performance data  DfE Page
Information on curriculum provision, content and approach  Curriculum Pages
Details of pupil premium allocation, its use and impact Pupil Premium Page
Details of the PE and sport premium for primary schools  Sport Premium Page
Governors’ details  Governors Page
Behaviour policy  Policies Page
Charging and remissions policy  Policies Page
The school’s statement of ethos and values  RE & Catholic Life
A special educational needs (SEN) information report  SEN Report Page
Accessibility plan  Accessibility Plan Page
Complaints policy  Policies Page
 Equality Statement Equality_Statement_.pdf