Our school page on the Tesco uniform store http://www.clothingattesco.com/wigan/sacred-heart-rc-primary-school/invt/106499

Sacred Heart has a school uniform because we believe it gives children a sense of belonging and develops pride in the school.  


Grey long or short trousers, grey skirt or red gingham dress

Maroon sweatshirt

White shirt/polo

Plain socks eg. black, grey, white

Plain woollen tights can be worn in colder months eg. grey or maroon

Black shoes or black trainer shoes


Many items are available branded with the school logo.


Please make sure that all uniform is clearly labelled to avoid mix ups! 

Jewellery should not be worn for school.  If a wrist watch is worn it must be removed for PE.  

Rings should not be worn.  Ear rings or studs should not be worn.  If ears are going to be pierced, the best time to do this is at the start of Summer holiday to allow for healing.